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Welcome!  There is always something new and exciting to be found in the archives at the Dodd Research Center.  ‘Fresh Pickin’s’ will allow us to bring those things to you.  We will reach into our own abundant orchard, found right here at the University of Connecticut, and offer regular highlights from our collections and keep you up to date on our programs.

It’s a work in progress – so come along for the ride and tell us what you think!


The Dodd Research Center’s African American Music Film Series presents:


“Jubilee Singers: Sacrifice and Glory”


Thursday, February 26th


Konover Auditorium, Dodd Center


In the chaotic decade following the Civil War, a group of young ex-slaves in Nashville, Tennessee, set out on a mission to save their financially troubled school by giving concerts. Traveling first through cities in the North, then on to venues across Europe, the Jubilee Singers introduced audiences to the power of spirituals, the religious anthems of slavery. Driven to physical collapse and even death, the singers proved more successful — and more inspirational — than anyone could have imagined. A portrait of faith, music, and sacrifice.



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