Course of Study, 1881

With the 2009 Thanskgiving Break beginning at the end of the day on November 20th; the UConn campuses are much quieter.  The majority of the undergraduate students have left for a week-long break. Only a few days after their return finals begin.

We tend to forget that it wasn’t always like this.   A quick look in the Archives is enough to demonstrate how much things have changed at the University. 

On October 7, 1881, 12 young men began their agricultural studies at the new, small school nestled in the hills of northwestern Connecticut.   Their course of study was prescribed and the daily schedule had little variety. 


Daily Schedule, Academic year 1881-1882

 In comparison, this past August, 20,812 undergraduates (men and women) settled in on the University’s 6 campuses across the state to begin the Fall 2009 semester.  Hundreds of courses are available to leading to one hundred possible majors. Not to mention, the daily schedule is no longer prescribed and varies tremendously across the campuses and student body.   

The one thing that probably hasn’t changed much is the pervasive question that settles on the campuses this time of year–is it over yet?