A New Haven Railroad dining car employee serves Thanksgiving dinner to a passenger.

The employee magazine, or “house organ,” for such large businesses as the New Haven Railroad and the Southern New England Telephone Company, allowed company employees a means to communicate, to find out about recent happenings with the company, and to share such information as recent marriages, births, retirements, and deaths involving other workers.  At Thanksgiving time, as we see from the employee magazines for the railroad (on the left) and SNET (below) which are held in the archives, the magazines show how the employees enjoyed the feasts of the season.  We see a New Haven Railroad dining car employee serve a passenger (well, probably not a real passenger, probaby a model posing as a passenger or employee) her Thanksgiving dinner, and an employee in the New London office cafeteria is served turkey. 
This latter photo had the following caption:  “Susan Reidy can hardly wait to get back to a table in New London Cafeteria to down this delicious turkey dinner.  Bird was cooked by Catherine Tooker (carving), while Cafeteria Supervisor Mildred Berg looks on.

A SNET employee is served Thanksgiving dinner at the New London office cafeteria.

Tucked inside is Grace Murray’s famous dressing.  See recipe on Page 27.”

Of course we wouldn’t leave you hanging and not give you the recipe.  All of us at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving!