One of the earliest athletic game films held in Archives & Special Collections is the 1934-1935 football battle between Connecticut State College and rival Rhode Island.  The 1935 Nutmeg reports that “the most thrilling and exciting week-end in Connecticut State College football history embraces the abduction of the Rhody Ram and the traditional battle between Connecticut  and Rhode Island.”  Unfortunately in 1935 the battle ended in a Connecticut defeat (Connecticut 0, Rhode Island 18).  In this footage the battle took place as much on the field as off.  The abducted Rhody Ram is paraded out onto the field for the Connecticut fans, while the marching band plays.  At the end of the game, Rhode Island fans tear down the goal posts and a fight breaks out. 

 View the film (run time 8 min. 52 sec.).  Read the play by play in the 1935 Nutmeg yearbook.