Rufus W. Stimson, C.A.C. President Rufus Whitaker Stimson, hired in 1897 as professor of English and Literature, was appointed acting president of Connecticut Agricultural College on 5 October 1901.  Stimson, a graduate of Harvard University and the Yale Divinity School, was appointed president just over a year later.  Stimson utilized his noted eloquence to publicize the activities and programs of the young agricultural school as well as advocating an expansion of the courses offered and increasing enrollment.  Details of the accomplishments of Stimson’s tenure are available in Walter Stemmons’ Connecticut Agricultural College–A History, available in the University Archives.  “On February 20, 1908, Rufus Whitaker Stimson presented to the Board of Trustees his resignation as president, the resignation to take effect at the close of the college year.  President Stimson had been connected with the college for eleven years, four as professor and seven as acting president and president.” (Stemmons, p. 130-131)