It’s no surprise to hear that you can find primary sources in the archive — the Dodd Research Center is full of them! Primary sources of historical materials are what we are about, our reason for being, what makes us “special.”  It’s one reason we started this blog even — to promote the primary sources that we hold in our archival collections.  We’re always working to reach educators, on campus and in the state’s 5-12 classrooms, to let them know what we have to offer, not only in terms of primary sources, but also what we can offer for classroom instruction by the curators to middle school and high school classes as well as curriculum guides, online exhibits, digital resources, and help for National History Day projects. 

We’re beginning a new set of blog postings geared toward teachers and students in Connecticut’s 5-12 classrooms, of course to promote our collections but also to let you know of the many other services and resources we provide, as well as other sources, online and in the archives, to go to for materials that can supplement lessons and instruction.  Stay tuned!

Laura Smith, Curator for Business, Railroad and Labor Collections